I have so many people to thank for the growing success of my website!

First, I would like to thank members of my family: Appa, for providing his expert knowledge of Kerala and Malayalam, both of which he loves so much (like me!); Achicha, for my ".gif" files and his criticisms; Amma, for her suggestions/criticisms and for helping me with audio files; Appuachha, for HIS suggestions; Ammachi, for her pride of me though I have done so little; Mariech, for approving and/or criticizing my ideas for jokes and for reminding me of the font problem (and for visiting my site every now and then!); and everyone else in my family, whether they have visited my site and/or encouraged me or merely know vaguely about my site.

Secondly, I must thank very good friends: Arun Uncle, for his suggestion and his visit to my site; Latha Aunty, for her valuable suggestions, encouragement, and information; Sarita Aunty, Suresh Uncle, Archana, and Arati for much encouragement; Heman Uncle, for his valuable encouragement and e-mails; Alicia, for actually trying to learn Malayalam and succeeding in learning all of the vowels upto /e/; Marty, my perseverant paThuththan (student)***; Katrina (or Azhakulla Kathrina* as Appa calls her!), for tolerating my strange Malayalam-oriented discussions with Marty; Vijayan Uncle (who has the same name as me!), for being so considerate as to advertise my site everywhere he could; Sreerenj, for his contribution (the word veNma) to my website; Mary Ellen, for her obvious determination to learn Malayalam; and anyone else I have forgotten to mention here who knows about my site.

Thirdly, I owe many thanks to the professors: Prof. T.V. Mathew, for his book Malayalam Made Easy (which is definitely a LOT better than any other Malayalam-teaching book written in English that I know of); Dr. Thomas Samuel, the creator of MalaTutor (I have a link to it); Moag and Mathewsaar, for taking the time to meet me; and any other Malayalam-teaching professors of whom I may have heard that I forgot to mention here. 

Fourthly, many heartily thanks to the following publishing companies, publishers, newspapers, etc.: Malayala Manorama, for existing as the most widely read newspaper in India and for their website; Bobanum Moliyum, for their numerous hilarious comics, full of inoffensive jokes and puns in Malayalam; Boban and Molly, for their largely successful effort in translating Toms' Bobanum Moliyum; Vidyarambham, for being advertised on the Malayala Manorama website so that I could easily find it, and for their free lessons**; the Mahesh Publishing Company's Valiyamanahpaathham Enchuvadi for their riddles; O.V. Vijayan's Khasakkinte Ithihaasam (Eng. translation Legends of Khasak, Aug. 1994) for clues to the Palakkad dialect; Mathewsaar's Malayalam Made Easy for providing some material for my jokes page; A.R. Raja Raja Varma's Keralaapaaniniiyam and Balaji's NILS Learn Malayalam In Thirty Days for helping me with the grammar; Blaidsell Publishing Company and their Introductory Russian Grammar for providing great detail on the pronunciation of certain sounds that exist in both Malayalam and Russian; any Malayalee author and/or poet, for daring to write in this language, which gains less and less popular favor; and any other newspaper, company, publisher, etc. that has contributed largely to this site.

Last but not least, I want to thank all sorts of websites that I have not mentioned here as well as everyone not listed on this page that has viewed this site and, in fact, all residents of this world.

Thank you heartily.

*I LOVE Appa's nickname for Katrina--Azhakulla Kathrina. It literally means "Beautiful Katrina/Catherine," but it's also apparently the name of an old Malayalam movie. It reminds me of a drawing of the dancer from Kanchi wed by the "evil" Tamil king, Thirumanghe.

**(But no thanks to those jerks who decided to take the free lessons OFF! Grrrrr!!!) :)

***Who also corrected the original misspelling "Thank you heatily."