Do You Already Speak Some Malayalam?

Malayalam is a pretty tough kind of language for English-speakers, and/or others who don't yet speak Malayalam, to learn. One of the reasons is because MALAYALAM VOCABULARY IS NOT REALLY SIMILAR TO ENGLISH!

Wait a minute--is that really true? 

It is true in the sense that MOST words in Malayalam may not be related--at least not directly--to English. However, there are quite a few common words that you may be able to make out if you can read Malayalam. Good luck trying to read the ones below!

1. T

2. cx

3. L

4. G

5. V

6. AZ

7. MZ

8. VG

9. O


Did you write all your answers down?.....Good! (Or bad! if you didn't :))


In any case, here are the actual answers:

1. Bus

2. Communist (note that Indians pronounce this word "Come-MUNE-ist," not like the Americans' "COM-unist") 

3. India (the word in Malayalam comes from the Tamil word, which is identical)

4. Lottery 

5. Car 

6. Bicycle, motorcycle (and possibly moped) (That was kind of a tricky one, wasn't it?)

7. Apple (To Malayalees, the apple is completely foreign, because it's not often grown in Kerala and besides, it's not nearly as sweet as the local tropical fruits, e.g. pineapple, mangosteen...)

8. Shirt

9. Company

10. Hello