FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions/Comments

These questions/comments are not all exactly FREQUENT, since only so many people have visited my site already, but this is just a page with some questions and comments from people. 

Why don't you add more illustrations to your website?--Arun Uncle

There are now a few more pictures. I plan to put up more pictures given the right opportunity (and better photography skills!). (A few days after writing this answer, I put up two new pictures on one of the Vegam Vegam Malayalam lessons).

Why don't you choose a wallpaper for your site and have little images as links all organized into one little space at the top of the page instead of all of these links scattered all over the place???--Appuachha

I'll try to do that...IF I receive other complaints! Sorry!!! (And I'm especially sorry about writing this the day after your birthday; it must be disappointing). 

The MalaTutor site isn't very good at showing how to write and/or pronounce the letters. Can you recommend something else?--Marty, en paThuththan

Not anymore, I'm afraid.

Your font doesn't seem to work very well on my browser. There are some other fonts which may be better than Moonnaamidam.--Heman Uncle

For everyone else's information: This quote refers to a font that I used to advise my visitors to download. The website for downloading that font is no longer available. Unfortunately, I have not yet found any other fonts; instead, I try to let you follow the directions on the fonts page.

Your jokes aren't very funny, and you should design your site to teach Malayalam for little kids [instead of like adults, teenagers].--Amma

I guess you're right, Amma, my jokes may not be that funny! But, ah, well...and besides, this is primarily an educational site, isn't it? As for teaching Malayalam to little kids: in my opinion, there are TONS of materials for that already--classes, schoolbooks, etc.--and not enough for slightly more mature audiences. (OK, maybe that last statement isn't REALLY true!!) Sorry, Amma! But many thanks for the advice!

Your profile on AIM stinks!--Glen

Before I respond to this comment, let me explain something to those who don't understand the comment. "AIM" stands for "AOL [America OnLine] Instant Messenger" and is a very efficient, modern way of instantly communicating with friends, family, and co-workers. Anybody registered on AIM can make a "Buddy Profile," a sort of summary to explain who you are (though some profiles can have almost nothing to do with that person!).

Now, let me explain something about my particular buddy profile. Glen is right; it does stink! Why on Earth should I share a boring little advertisement about my site that teaches Malayalam (a language most people have probably never heard of)? Who cares about such a thing??? Thank you very much for your input, Glen. I WILL change my profile (I think it's finally been there long enough)...AFTER my finals! (I'm so cruel!!!)

I have a lot on my mind because of certain personal problems; I'm sorry, but I can't really study Malayalam at the moment.--Alicia

That's okay! Everybody studies at their own pace, and there's plenty of time; I don't think it's very likely that you'll suddenly be dragged into Kerala as a missionary or whatever you were saying that one time (from what I know about you, now you'd probably think it's more likely that a penguin will grab you by the hair with its beak, carry you off to Kerala, then drop you there)! Plus, you don't really have to study Malayalam if you don't want to! (Hee hee! Just kidding about the penguin thing, it was just a joke, in case you were wondering. No offense or anything!) :)

I don't understand much from your website because...the intro page is disorganized!!! It has too many words...--Arati

Thank you, Arati! That has now been changed!