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Jokes #7

Below is the summary of a Malayalam movie called Sadharam ("Truth") in Indian English. I'd love to know if you have any idea what it means (unless, of course, I already told you AND you somehow remember...):

When Advocate Raghunandana Menon, throwing away his gown descended the steps of the court, his blazing face alone was the reply to those who stood gazing wonderstruck. Maintaining the respect to the legal and judicial establishments itself he gave up the gown. Raghunandana Menon who had his doubts about the truthfulness of judicial chairs could do on that. That is Raghunandana Menon the youngest son of Session Judge Mangalath Govinda Menon. For DYSP Harinandana Menon and Doctor Ravinandana Menon their younger brother is a problem man. In front of law Raghu becomes a man of error as he encounters evil with evil in his attempts to bring forth the truth. Before the tears of mother Harinandana Menon becomes mild. He undertakes his brotherís case and helps to save him from the troubled situations. Now Raghunandana Menon is a full fledged agriculturist. He stationed himself in the family estate along with few labourers with the idea that by loving the earth gold can be reaped. He who visits Mangalath family house once in a week becomes a favourite of mother, sister-in-law and brothers. He also becomes a playmate of Brotherís children. Raghuís estate is in Nelliampathy which is one beautiful hillside of greenery, 60KM from Palakkad. All around there are coffee, tea, and spice estates. Dreams about Lekha his would be bride alone is a relief to his loneliness. Hunting in the company of his close friend Veerappan is his main hobby. One night while going in search of animals for hunting he happened to come across a girl lying unconscious. Inspite of dissuasion from Veerappan Raghu took her to the estate bungalow. Raghu became very much pained on hearing the stories told by her when she regained her consciousness. Raghu who has not lost humanness had to go in search of those who are responsible for bringing her over to this place. In that journey in search of truth though he know that his own brother is also a culprit. He determines to fight against them in the path of justice. But hearing the oath of his sister-in-law who he loves and respects like his mother, Raghu is completely lost. At last he leaves with Sethu Lakshmi to somewhere to save his family and his brother from irreputation.

Q: "When he threw off his gown, did he wear anything UNDER it???"--My Best Friend, Alicia

A: Well, that COULD explain why the court "stood gazing wonderstruck!" :)

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