Poetry Section Plans: What Poems/Songs Might Be Posted in Future

The poems after Kuttanum Menavanum will be the Chemmeen classic songs. After that, I'll put up songs that I thought were from Picnic (starting with Thanka Thaazhikakkudamalla). I apologize for having falsely claimed that some of these songs are not from movies when they are!

Kuttanum Menavanum- (Kids' song) A class expresses its joy that the class bullies are absent

Mailaanchi ("Henna")- Very festive "Mopla" (Malayalee Muslim) wedding song

Pennaale, pennaale! ("Girl, girl!")- (From Chemmeen) This movie song explains the fishermen's myth that underlies the plot

Putthanpurakkaare! ("People of Putthanpuram!")- (From Chemmeen) Fishermen and fisherwomen celebrate a good harvest of expensive shrimp

Kadalinakkare Ponore! ("(O) Those of You Who Must Go to The Other Shore of the Sea!")- (From Chemmeen) A man romanticizes the life of fishermen

Maanassamaine Varuu! ("Mynah bird of my mind, come!")- (From Chemmeen) Love song

Ente Itthaatthan... ("My Big Brother...")- A little kid brags about the meager presents his stingy brother brought him from the Middle East in Malayalam kiddy talk

Vaidoorya Kammal Aniny(u) ("Wearing Diamond Rings")- (From Ee Puzhayum Kadannu) A blind girl is about to be married and her friends are singing about it

Kuttanadan- (From Suvarna Simhasanam) Movie song describing a part of Kerala called Kuttanad

Kombil Kilukkum Ketti ("Tied a (Rattle?) Onto the Cow's Horns)- (From Karimpana) A man returns home after getting good money for his produce

Udayam Namukkiniyum Akale ("The Sun is Far Away from Us Now")- (From Theeratha Bandangal) A song of despair

Kurrumozhi Koonthalil ("The kurrumozhi jasmine in the woman's hair")- (From Paapu) Love song

Neela Nilaavoru Thoni ("The Sky Blue Moonlight is a Boat")- (From Kadalkaattu) An old song from an inconspicuous movie, just like the last three songs listed!

Makthi Chaarr(u) Manakkin(u) Manakkin(u) ("To the Smell, to the Smell of Sardine Gravy")- (From Malayathippennu) Wedding song classified as "light music"

Omana Thinkalpakshi ("Dearest Bird of the Moon")- (From Raagam) Lullaby 

Omana Thinkal Kidaavo...? ("Is It a Darling Calf of the Moon...?")- Lullaby (composed by Iravivarman "Irayimman" Thampi, 18th-century poet to King Swathi Thirunal of Travancore)

Gange, Mahamangale! ("Ganga, o Great _________!")- (From Nirram) Hymn to the goddess of the Ganga (Ganges) River

O Priye! ("Oh, Lover!")- (From Aniyathi Pravu) Two lovers sing to each other

Kaatthirippoo ("Waiting Flower")- (From Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakalathu) Love song with lovers comparing each other to a flower

Raakkilikal ("Night Birds" ?)- From Suvarna Simhasanam

Aareyum ("Whoever" ?)- (From Nakakshathangal) Song sung by the famous Malayalee singer, Yesudas

Niiraaduvaan ("To Make the Water Jump"?)- (From Nakakshathangal) Song sung by the famous Malayalee singer, Yesudas

Maanya Mahaajanangale ("______, Great Peoples!")- Movie song or folk song?

Poonthen Aruvi ("Stream of Honey")- (From Oru Penninte Katha) A person compares his/her lover to a stream

Kizhakk Kizhakk Or' Aana ("Far to the East, there's an Elephant...(Who Is He?)")- (From Thriveni) In this festive lullaby, a father tries to make his son go to sleep by singing him an old riddle (with little success!)

(Assorted songs from the movie Pookalam Varavayee, "The Flower Season is Here")

Kunnyande Pennin(u) ("The Boy's Girl(friend)")- (From Kunjikoonan) A hunchback being taken to a girl's house (to see whether he will be a suitable match for the girl) imagines what the girl is like

Periyaarre! ("Great River!")- (From Bhaarya) In Thiruvalla, a town near the Periyar Lake and River, a married tutor flirts with his student by flattering her

Panchaara Paal Mithaayi ("Sweet Milk Candy")- (From Bhaarya) The tutor's two sons tease the candy-man's son (I think)

Ninde Kannil ("In Your Eyes")- (From Deepasthambham Mahascharyam) A boy describes the beauty of the girl he's in love with

Snehatthin Poo ("The Flower of Kindness")- (From Deepasthambham Mahascharyam) (Love song?)

Thanka Thaazhikakkudamalla ("It Isn't a Golden Palace")- (From Picnic) This song, written some time after Neil Armstrong's voyage to the moon, essentially debunks old Indian myths about the moon...and shows the tragedy in those fallacies both with its sad tune and (sad) lyrics.

Chandrakkala Maanaththu ("A Crescent in the Sky")- Also from Picnic!

Kasthoori Manakkunnallo? ("Don't You Smell the Musk?")- See above :)

Gopuram Mukalil ("The Temple on the Top"?)- From Vithukal

Ende Ulludukkum Kutthi ("You Pierced My Insides"?)- (From Deepasthambham Mahascharyam) A guy talks about the fact that he just got married (strange title or first line!!!)

Chingamaasam Vannuchernaal ("When the Lion Month Arrives")- (From Meesa Madhavan) Madhavan, a village thief in his 20s, is in love with the landlord's daughter (so, so scandalous!!!)

Mauliyil ("On his head")- (From Nandanam) A servant girl is in love with a guy she saw in a dream but couldn't identify; she is probably thanking Lord Krishna for giving her such a wonderful dream

Saarike, Varuu Nii! ("Come On, Sarika!")- (From Thaliritta Kinakkal) A guy is in love (?)

Malarthoppithil ("The Flower in This Grove" ?)- (From Dhooram Arike) Love song?

Kur(r)uvaali (?)- From Deepasthambham Mahascharyam

Oru Chi- Chi- Chi- Chi- Chirrakil ("In a Wing (?)")- (From Nirram) A group of young students sings, apparently about how thankful everyone is that a test was canceled

Mizhi Arriyaathe ("Without Recognizing Your Eyes")- (From Nirram) Love song

Eenatthil ("In the Tune")- (From Kaathodu Kaathoram) Love song?

Akkare, Akkare, Akkare Allo! ("It's Definitely On That Bank, On That Bank, On That Bank")- (From Uthram Nakshathram) "Light Music"

Sindhoora Sandhye ("Reddish Sunset")- (From Deepasthambham Mahascharyam) A man wonders why sunset exists

Ende Ellaamellaam Alle? ("Aren't You My Everything?")- (From Meesa Madhavan) Madhavan's still in love with the landlord's daughter...

Kevalam (???)- (From Nakakshathangal) Another song sung by Yesudas

Saagarangale ("O Oceans")- (From Panjaagni) Another song sung by Yesudas

Aa raathri ("That Night")- (From Panjaagni) Song sung by the female singer Chitra

Mangalam Nerunnu Nyaan ("I'm Offering My Happiness" (?))- (From Hrudayam Oru Kshethram) A man mourns the death of a loved one

Vaarthingal Udikkaattha (???)- (From Agnisaakshi) Song with same theme as last song

Eeswaran Orikkal ("The Lord Once")- (From Lanka Dahanam) Movie song sung by Yesudas; apparently a story made up by Malayalee Christians about Jesus visiting a king, dressed as a poor (impoverished) man

Kadali Chenkadali Ponkadali Poo Veno? ("Do You Want Banana, Red Banana, or Golden Banana Flowers?")- (From Nellu) Love song with references to the banana plant

Mandaagini (???)- (From Survey Kallu) Another Yesudas song

Maale maale ("Chain, chain"?)- (From Mannina Dhoni) Another movie song sung by Yesudas

Aavani Ponnoonyaal (something about a "golden" swing)- (From Kottaram Veettile Apputtan) Song sung by the female singer Chitra

Aayiram Paadaswarangal ("The Sound of a Thousand Feet's Steps")- (From Nadi) Movie song

Kaayaampuu Kannil ("? Flower in My Eye")- Also from Nadi

Aambalpoove (something to do with a flower)- (From Kavalam Chundan) A love/post-marriage song

Priye, Nin Hrdayam Oru Piano! ("Lover, Your Heart is a Piano!")- The title is almost everything I know about the song...it comes from a movie

Meesakaaran Keshavan(u) ("Keshavan, the Moustached Guy")- Very popular (movie?) song...too bad I don't know what it's about!

Kalidasan Marichu ("Kalidasan Died")- (From Thaara) Kalidas, the great Indian poet is dead, and so are most of the characters he wrote about...except one

Nee En Sargasangeethame! ("Oh, My Heavenly Song!")- (From Kaathodu Kaathoram) Some song sung by Yesudas :-P

(Song where the chorus ends with Maapp tharuu, enikk' oru maapp tharuu "Forgive, forgive me." Also, a song called Sourya Yuddhatthil)

Thumbayum Thulasiyum ("Thumba and Thulsi")- (From Megham) An ode to Kerala's beauty, referring to two types of plants native to the area

Balettan (Theme Song)- (From the movie Balettan, which means "Big Brother Balan") Probably about the main character in the movie, Balan, who is the village do-gooder and helps those who are in trouble

Doore Oru Thaaram ("Far Away, There's A Star")- (From Menathil Thalikettu) Love song from a movie

Vennila Kombiley (?)- (From Usthaadh) Another Yesudas song (love song?)

Vinnile (?)- (From Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakalathu) Love song?

Sharonin ("Sharon's")- (From Saafalyam) Love song

Ennum Ninnum (???)- (From Aniyathi Pravu) Love song. This one doesn't have much chance of getting onto my website since it doesn't seem to have any lyrical depth and...I don't know, seeing that word rathi ("sex") in there though it isn't there in other Malayalam songs makes me skeptical...

Prema Bhikshugi ("Woman Begging for Love")- (From Punarjanmam) Love song

Nyaan Ninne Premikkunnu Maan Kidaave! ("I'm in Love With You, o Fawn!")- (From Sarasayya) Again, the title says everything!

Maadapraave Vaa ("Come, O Tame Dove!")- (From Madhanotsavam) (Love song?) Sung by Yesudas

Sambho Jagaadeesa Kaarunyame- This isn't the actual title of the song, but it's a song about the disaster of flooding during the month of Karkkadakam, I think

Innale Ende Nenjilekkoode ("Yesterday Through My Heart")- (From the movie Balettan) Balan is so saddened by his dad's death that he's moved into poetry to reveal his feelings...

Vellathaamara Mottupole ("Like a White Lotus Bud")- (From Thirichadi) A man flirts with a young woman about to take a bath

Aa Nimishatthinde ("That Second's")- (From Chandra Kaantham) A Yesudas love song?

Jwaalaa Mukhamaayi ("With a Fiery Face")- (From Nirram) A patriotic song and ode to Mother India

Chandrakalabham ("The ______ of the Moon")- (From Kottaram Vilkkanundu) A happy poem and popular song

Sooryakaanthi, Sooryakaanthi ("Sunflower, Sunflower")- (From Kaattu Thulasi) Love song?

Sooryakaantha Kalpadavil ("The Sunflower in the _________")- (From Punarjanmam) A woman admits to nature that she's madly in love

Saranam Ayyappaa!- A religious song devoted to Ayyappan, a deity unique to Malayalee Hindus worshiped at Sabarimala (Bhajan #34 on the website where I found the lyrics)

Sthuuthi Chol! ("Give Your Thanks (To God)!")- A Christmas song (religious song sung by Christians) celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ 

Ithilode Premagaanam Paadi Vaa ("With This, Come and Sing a Love Song")- Movie love song?

Praayam Thammil Moham Nalgi ("Age Always Begat Sadness")- (From Nirram) Love song

Minni Thennum (?)- (From Nirram) Love song?

Anupame, Azhage! ("Anupama, Beautiful One!")- (From Aranazhika Neram) Another classic love song

Thalir Valayo ("Is it a net of ________?")- (From Cheena Vala) Another guy madly in love doesn't know how to express his feelings?

Oru Kocchu Swapnatthin ("Of a little dream")- (From Tharavattamma) A girl is singing another ponderous love song

Theyyom Theyyom Thaali (no meaning)- This is a song (probably not from a movie) that sings about flower girls; once, during Onam, a few of my female friends danced to the song. My mom used to dance to it, too.

Then Malare ("Fragrance of Honey")- (From Soorya Puthren) A Yesudas love song

Idava Kaayalin ("The Warmness of May/June" ?)- (From Kasthuri) Er...a (love?) song with a very nice tune!

Sararaanthal (?)- (From Kaayalum Karalum) (Love?) song with a neat background beat resembling the sound of a cart moving along rhythmically!

Neela Ambujangal Vidarunnu ("Blue Lotuses are Blooming")- From Sathyavan Savithri, a movie name that brings to mind an old Hindu story about a clever and faithful wife (her name was Savithri and her husband's name was Sathyavan); describes the beauty of nature

Anjana Kann Ezhuthi ("Anjana Put On Eyeliner" ?)- From Thacholi Othenan

Nee Madhu Pakaru ("You Sweet _______")- (From Mootal Manju) Another love song by Yesudas...one that Dr. Moag, former professor of Malayalam at UT, once sang at an Onam performance

Sumangali! Nee Ormikkumo? ("Happily married, long-living woman! Will You Remember?")- (From Vivahitha) Classified as "light music"

Ashadam- Another song from Sathyavan Savithri; also describes the beauty of nature

Raktha Saakshikale! ("Comrades by Blood!")- Some kind of political song, possibly from the Communist Party?

Aniyam Aniyam Poykayil ("________ __________ in the ____________")- From Pani Theeratha Veedu

Sundariye, Sundariye! ("Beautiful One, Beautiful One!")- (From Oru Maravathoor Kanavu) A love song?

Thaamarakkumbil Allo? ("Isn't it in the ________ of the lotus?")- (From Anveshichu Kandethiyilla) A song of romantic yearning?

Saayippum Madaamayum Thottathii Chennappam ("When the White Man and Woman Came to the Field")- A song making fun of a British man and his wife who enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle during the British colonization of India.

Akkare Ikkare Ninnaal ("If You Stand on That Bank and This Bank")- (From Itha Oru Thiram) Probably a love song

Omalaale Kandu Nyaan (?)- (From Sindoora Cheppu) A love song?

Paadaatha Veenayum Paadum ("Even the Veena, Which Doesn't Sing, Sing")- From Rest House

Pathinaalaam Raavudhichath(u) (?)- (From Maram) One of those mysterious Yesudas songs...

Arayanna Kili Enn' En Maanasaththil ("A Swan (?) is What's On My Mind")- (From Manya Mahajanangale) Love song?

Thirayum Theeravum ("The Wave and the Shore")- From Aval Viswasthayayirunnu

Sangamam, Sangamam ("Confluence of Rivers, Confluence of Rivers")- (From Triveni) A recently widowed man remembers his short-lived marriage at Muvattupuzha, a town that apparently brings back memories to him. Muvattupuzha is the meeting point of three rivers, hence the title of the song.

Etho Smrithithhan ("Some __________")- From Abhilashangale Abhayam

Devi Sreedevi ("Goddess, Holy Goddess")- (From Kavya Mela) A love song

Isthapraaneeswari ("Goddess of Loving Love")- (From Chukku) Another love song!

Kili Kilacchu ("The Bird ________ed")- (From Samsya) A Yesudas song

Karruththa Penne ("Black Girl")- From Anna

Mandasameeranil ("In the __________ ___________")- From Chattakkari

Sukhamoru Bindu ("Happiness is a Point (of Life)")- (From Ithu Manushyano) A philosophical song about life alternating between happiness and sadness

Maampazha Koottatthil ("In the Mango Grove")- (From Bhagya Mudhra) A love song?

Maanaththin Mutathth ("In the Roof of the Mind")- From Karutha Pournami

Chembaka Pushpa ("Hibiscus (?) Flower")- From Yavanika

Ambalappuzhavela ("The ________ of the River Next to the Temple")- (From Kakkathamburatti) A romantic love song describing a woman's beauty

Ushassaam Swarnaththaamara Vidarnnu! ("The __________ Golden Lotus Has Bloomed")- (From Pathmaraagam) Another Yesudas (love?) song 

Mayuura Sandesam ("The Peacock's Message")- The author, Kerala Varman, writes a long, rhythmic song in Manipravalam about his experiences after being exiled by the King of Travancore

Chandaala Bhikshugi ("The Untouchable Beggar-Woman")- Kumaranasan writes a poem about an untouchable beggar-woman in North India accidentally meeting Ananda, Buddha's cousin

Veenappuuv ("The Falling Flower")- Kumaranasan writes another poem...this time about his love for a particular girl (he wrote many poems of this type!)

Oru Simha Prasavu ("Birth of a Lion")- Another poem by Kumaranasan

Syamantakam- Nambyar's adaptation of an old Mahabharata story about the Syamantaka Jewel

The rest of Kalyaana Saugandhikam- The rest of Nambyar's poem about Draupadi's greedy desire for a certain flower (Saugandhikam), part of which may be found in Poetry Section #2

(Various poems by Kumaranasan and Nambyar coming up!)