Reading And Writing Practice

Remember this poem from Poetry Section #1? Try reading it and then rewriting it in pazhaya lipi!

Listen to Nambi's first version!

dĢ d!

O V x޿߿X K!

JX !

J ݢ!

{Mݢ {!


Listen to his second version!

dĢ d O!

V x޿߿X K!

JX !

J ݢ {!

ݢ {!


Also write this in pazhaya lipi:

Ja W dBZ I? Listen to this weird sentence!

Translation: "Do clothes exist in a snake's world?"

See, I told you it was a weird sentence! :-D


Finally, after doing all that practice, go ahead and either:

a. learn some handy Malayalam phrases in Vegam Vegam Malayalam!,

b. take a more comprehensive course by going on to Lesson #9, or even

c. do a and then b! (Who knows, it might help!!!) (Hey, it's just a suggestion. :))