Letters like chcha!

Welcome back, everyone! So now you've learned most of the double letters. What progress!

Now, you remember the letter we learned in Lesson 1?

Well, you see the difference between that and . Right?

Good! It's that  that makes it a double letter. Well, there are a few more letters like that. (Phew, only a few!)

Those letters are , , and /bba/ /yya/ /vva/. You'll have to read more to see how they're pronounced!

/bba/ as in Vt /nirbbandham/ "obstinacy." Written & col. Listen!

/yya/ as in /neyy/ "ghee." Listen and see the 1st Poetry Section!

/vva/ as in V /nirvvachanam/, which means pronunciation or definition. This word is used as often as in English. V ZA! Listen to the pronunciation (nirvvachanam)!

By the way, in spoken Malayalam, for the verb ZA /kELkkuka/, the Z is dropped off in every kind of tense (present, infinitive, etc.; in the past tense this is true even in literary Malayalam) so it sounds like A /kEkkuka/.

That's it! Too easy? I think so! (Uh-oh! Just when you thought you could get away so easily!) You will learn five more symbols at the Practice Corner!

No, they aren't like the ones on this page; actually, they're basically like the same letter written on top of, or next to, one another in shorthand. Confused, aren't you??? Oh well, you'll see what I mean!