Lesson #6

Very, Very Common Conjugated Letters! (Learn these!!!)

Welcome back, everyone! I'm so, so sorry for not being able to work on this for quite a while. And I wish I could get the poetry sections #4-5 done, but I want my dad to edit #4 first, because......well, he knows Malayalam a WHOLE LOT better than I do!!! (We'll see about that (in about 50 years, perhaps)!)

But forget all that.....and let's get to THE TOPIC OF OUR LESSON! There are about three symbols in Malayalam which are SOOOOO common....but by the time you finish learning them, you'll have just learned the hardest of all conjugated letters, and everything else is easy! (Well, sort of, anyway!)

Let's start out with the golden letter C /nka/, pronounced more like the "ng" in the word "mango." Listen! Why do I call it the golden letter (it says "golden letter," of course)? What's so special about it???

Actually, nothing in particular is special about it; I just call it "golden" because the word C /thankam/, which uses that letter, is a colloquial and written word for "gold"!

By the way, C, in case you're wondering, is NOT pronounced like "thank 'em" (I don't know if you even considered such a possibility, but I have, so there!) It's actually pronounced "thung-gum." (What on Earth is a thung?) :)

Hmm, that was a pretty hard letter, wasn't it??? I have little idea as to why it's written like that! But don't worry, our other two symbols are more logical:

F /njcha/- pronounced like the "ng" in "strange." Listen! Try saying "strange-uh" and then taking out the "stra." Get the idea??? Ah, well, as always, the audio file above comes to your rescue! Anyway, the letter comes from conjugating and . One common word in Malayalam using this word is F /nenjch/, which means "chest." 

To get an idea as to how the letter I /NTa/ is pronounced, try to imagine the way most Indians would pronounce the word "Monday," then take the "nd" and add another "-uh" sound...listen if you're still confused! A VERY, VERY, VERY common word using THIS letter is I /uNT/, which means "there is/are," as in "There is a lot of confusion in my brain right now!"

Wow! Now you know most of the REALLY important letters in the Malayalam alphabet! (In fact, you'll soon know all of the other conjugated letters, too!) You really must be making a lot of progress...

So why not test yourself in the Practice Corner and learn just TWO more letters?