Lessons, etc.

Before We Go Anywhere...

Acknowledgements- People I wish to thank

Introduction- Information about Malayalam: what it is, how it got that name, what Kerala is, how Kerala got its name, etc.

FAQ- Not exactly "Frequently Asked Questions," but concerns people have had/may have!

After You Learn the Basic Alphabet...

Pronunciation- You know the letters, but...HOW ON EARTH DO YOU PRONOUNCE THEM?!!

Phonetics- Can you tell how to pronounce /kashTam/ by looking at it? If not, look here!

eLuppamaaya pariikshangngaL- For those who want to quiz themselves over their basic Malayalam letters!

Assorted Info About Malayalam/Kerala/this site

Dialects of Malayalam- On this site, I'm mainly teaching the Central Travancore dialect, which is accepted as Standard Malayalam in Kerala. But what about other dialects, which can be so different?

c c޵â (Well-Known Grammar)- This page (in Malayalam) explains some already well-known Malayalam grammar rules.

ߵBZ (Theories)- This page (also in Malayalam) explains Malayalam grammar rules that I found on my own; I seriously doubt there has been any actual written records about these rules. 

Advice- Before you go to Kerala, what do you need to know about...well...GOING there?!

Plans for Poetry Sections- Songs and poems that I MIGHT put up eventually!


More letters

Lesson 1- Conjugated letters intro. & double letters chcha, TTa, njnja.

Lesson 2 - Double letters gga, NNa, ppa, SSa, ssa.

Lesson 3 - Double letters ththa, ththha, ddha, nna, mma, LLa.

Lesson 4 - Letters like chcha.

Lesson 5- First non-doubles: nta, ntha, mba.

Lesson 6- Common non-doubles: nka, njcha, NTa

Lesson 7- Rarer non-doubles: gna, NDa, ndha

Lesson 8- Last lesson on conjugated letters: thna, thma, lsa, Nma, thbha, gma

Pazhaya lipi

Lipi- Introduction to pazhaya/puthiya lipi

Pazhaya Lipi Lesson 1- Most consonants + u

Pazhaya Lipi Lesson 2- Gu, chhu, thu, Su, hu

Pazhaya Lipi Lesson 3- Ku, ru

Pazhaya Lipi Lesson 4- Consonants + uu

Pazhaya Lipi Lesson 5- Consonants + ra

Pazhaya Lipi Lesson 6- Last three letters

Pazhaya Lipi Practice- Read and write...

Right Before You Start Actually Learning Malayalam...

Do You Already Know Some Malayalam?- Guess what these Malayalam words (all related to their English equivalents) mean!

Malayalam Language

Lesson 9- After all that hard work, the first Malayalam language lesson: "Greetings!"

Lesson 10- Lesson #2: "How are You?"

Lesson 11- Lesson #3: "Let's Go To My House Now!"


Practice Corner #1- Practice what was learned from lesson 1; alternative letter for chcha (often used in handwriting).

Practice Corner #2- Practice for Lesson 2; alternative letter for ppa (often used in handwriting).

Practice Corner #3- Practice for Lesson 3, short note introducing nta, ntha.

Practice Corner #4- Practice for Lesson 4, ending lesson on double consonants.

Practice Corner #5- Practice for Lesson 5, another 3 letters.

Practice Corner #6- Practice for Lesson 6, another 2 letters.

Practice Corner #7- Another 3 letters, practice for Lesson 7

Practice Corner #8- The "ra/rra," "va," and "ya" signs; continuation to lipi

Malayalam Language

Practice Corner #9- Practice for Lesson 9 (Unit 1)

Practice Corner #10- Practice for Lesson 10 (Unit 2)

Practice Corner #11- Practice for Lesson 11 (Unit 3)


Poetry Section #1- First poem by Nambiar (Badelicious! Food) & vocab.

Poetry Section #2- Second poem by Nambiar (Bheema and Hanuman chez Nambiar!), (short?) intro. to Kathakali and Ottamthulli, vocab.

Poetry Section #3- Third poem (by Nambiar?? I don't think so!): Sitayinte Vivaaham (Sita's Marriage) 

Sisirakala- The whole lyrics to the movie song

Poetry Section #4- Lyrics & translation to first part of the song

Poetry Section #5- " " " " second " " " "

Poetry Section #6- " " " " third (and final!) " " " "

Thaazhampoo- All of the lyrics to yet another song!

Poetry Section #7- First part of Thaazhampoo

Poetry Section #8- Second part

Poetry Section #9- Third part

Poetry Section #10- FOURTH and final part!!


Kuttanum Menavanum

Poetry Section #11- First part of Kuttanum Menavanum

Chemmeen Extra Special Movie: Intro- A rough synopsis of Chemmeen


Jokes #1- Joke from Sab Ka Laabh Zindabad (strange Hindi-ish play), how a Malayalee spells "moon."

Jokes #2- Grapa Fruita? and The King of Paayasams

Jokes #3- What Was That Supposed To Mean??? 

Jokes #4- Kozhi (Corey) Is A (")Chicken(")

Jokes #5- Bobanum Moliyum: "Aamukham"

Jokes #6- "The Good, The Bad, and the Very Impatient": piatas

Jokes #7- Sadharam Movie Summary

Jokes #8- How Many Malayalees Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?

Jokes #9- "Waterfall"

Jokes #10- Paara Magazine: "The Westerner, his wife, and I"

Jokes #11- Cold Tea Doesn't Exist

Jokes #12- Who Said Anything About Communism?!

Jokes #13- As My House Was Muckled, I Chuckled...

Jokes #14- "Brokenlivered" 

Jokes #15- Potato River

Jokes #16- Outrageous Prices

Jokes #17- Bland Food

Jokes #18- Indian Names

Jokes #19- Get Me The Cane!

Jokes #20- The Pleasures of Boiled Rice

Jokes #21- "Khasakkstan"

Jokes #22- The Cow in Iraviperoor

Jokes #23- So What Do You Speak Better: Tamil or Gibberish?

Jokes #24- (Don't) Do What Now?!

Jokes #25- ElectriCIty! On...Something Or Other ("Safe"?) :-P

Jokes #26- Hulchul

Jokes #27- One lakh vs. 91 crores

Jokes #28- Fun and fin...ance

Jokes #29- The Odd March

Jokes #30- The Trouble with the Internet

Jokes #31- D'aya, biyu, uku...

Jokes #32- Dating la Malayalie

Jokes #33- Malayalam is Spelled Just like It's Pronounced...NOT!!!

Jokes #34- Present #1, Present #2...Did I Forget Something?


Vegam Vegam Malayalam! - "Malayalam Quick Quick!" Going to Kerala? Learn enough Malayalam for survival!

Vegam Vegam Malayalam! Lesson #2 - The numbers 0-99

Vegam Vegam Malayalam! Lesson #3 - Numbers (contd.) 100-899

Vegam Vegam Malayalam! Lesson #4 - Numbers (contd.) 900 and beyond!

Vegam Vegam Malayalam! Lesson #5- Autorickshaw Phrases

Vegam Vegam Malayalam! Lesson #6- At the Market I: Essential Food

Vegam Vegam Malayalam! Lesson #7- Fruits

Vegam Vegam Malayalam! Lesson #8- Vegetables