Practice Corner #1

This part of the course is to practice what you have already learned (and perhaps learn something new if possible or if you wish).

Now to do some Malayalam alphabet arithmetic! Find the "sums" to these "addition problems." The answers are below the problems; check them when you are done with the exercise. (No cheating!!!):

1. +=

2. +=

3. +=



And now for the answers!:


2. E

3. G

By the way, there's another way to write "chcha." That's the big letter above the answers. This letter is used in handwriting (since you don't have to make as many strokes), so I couldn't show you directly using a computer font. 

It's very hard to explain that letter, isn't it? I mean, put yourself in MY shoes! How do you explain it in such a way that ANYONE who visits your site understands exactly what you're talking about, using only words and maybe Malayalam letters?

Tired after all of that, eh? Well, you can find our first poem and an interesting story about it on the Poetry page!