Practice Corner #11


A. Culture Quiz

Answer true or false to the questions below.

1. The word maapla or maappiLa usually refers to Muslims and Christians in Kerala.

2. The word maapla or maappiLa is very often used to mean "wife" among Muslims and Christians.

3. Drivers and chauffeurs are a more common sight in the West than in India.

4. Muslims from the neighboring state of Karnataka are often called "Moplas."

5. Most people from the higher classes don't talk very much to those poorer than themselves.

6. Poorer Malayalees will consider it very offensive and rude if you associate with (i.e. talk to) them.

7. Many middle-class Indians have a driver or chauffeur.

8. It requires very little effort to drive on an Indian road, and you can try driving on one as soon as you get a car in Kerala without any worry (even on your first trip there).

9. Muslims are very common in Northern Kerala (a.k.a. Malabar).

10. Christians are very common in Southern Kerala (a.k.a. Travancore and Kochi).

11. Muslims in Southern Kerala are usually very rich.

B. An Unusual Exercise! Surprise, Surprise!!!

Read this sentence aloud and translate it! (Click on the underlined words to translate the unfamiliar words.)

̷ A, A GW ޵ޢ. AA I.

C. Yes, We...!

1. List the two main ways of saying "yes" that you've learned so far.

2. Briefly explain the difference between the two words you just listed.

3. List the two words for "we" in Malayalam.

4. Briefly explain the difference between the two words for "we" in Malayalam!

5. How do you say "this way" in Malayalam? (As in: "We'll answer the question this way!")

6. If some guy is trying to help you do something, how do you say, "It's all right, sir, I'll do this"? 

7. What does the term for "I'll do this" literally mean in Malayalam?

D. Dative Case

Change these nouns (or pronouns) to dative case:

1. NZ

2. BZ

3. X

4. Z (she)

5. V (car)

6. Z (scorpion)

7. V

Extra Credit Question #1: What is the dative case called in Malayalam?

Extra Credit Question #2: What is the permissive tense (-ޢ) called in Malayalam?

E. Role Play

This time, you're a married White man. You and your wife have been staying with a Malayalee friend in the small town of Mavelikkara for some time. Suddenly, you notice one of the neighbors passing by. You don't know him yet.

You: Greet the man.

: ! ("Huh?!")

You: Joke by saying that you're a White guy and that this is your wife.

: ! !

You: Say that's right, we are Americans, but my friend Balan (X) is Malayalee.

: ! BZ a (Balan's) G?

You: Say yes, my name is (your (made-up) name here) and my wife's name is Brigitte (d߼x).

: a .

You: Ask Vinu, "Can we go to your house now?" (Use the formal word for "your").

: K L! ("Of course!") A a GW ޵ޢ!

You: Say OK, we'll have fun that way!

Additional Question (but not extra credit, sorry!): What did Vinu just say to you?


And now, the answers!

A. Culture Quiz

1. True

2. False (it means "husband")

3. False

4. False

5. True

6. False

7. True

8. False

9. True

10. True

11. False

B. An Unusual Exercise! Surprise, Surprise!!!

Get the bag(s) (and) let's go home. Idukki is where we have to go. Listen!

C. Yes, We...!

1. &

2. (Answers may vary but must say something along these lines.) The first is used either to verify a fact or to introduce someone (i.e. to respond to a question asking whether someone's name is such-and-such). The second means "righto!"

3. NZ & BZ

4. (Answers may vary but must say something along these lines.) The first word includes the listener (the person being spoken to). The second does not.

5. B

6. , X {ޢ. (You may also write instead of ). 

7. "It will be good if I do this" OR "done-will be good."

D. Dative Case

1. A

2. BZA


4. ZA


6. {

7. VA

Extra Credit #1: gߵ ͵

Extra Credit #2: ϵ

E. Role Play

1. .

2. X M. a c.

3. , BZ AA(), f a GX X {.

4. , a . a c d߼x.

5. A B{ GW ޵?

6. , AB ޢ!