Practice Corner #2

Try to solve these equations:

1. +=?

2. +=?

3. +=?

4. +=?

5. +=?

6. +=?

7. +=?

8. +=?







2. G

3. E

4. P

5. H

6. M


8. T

The letter above the answers is the other way to write M.

Important notes:

1. The professor writes the alphabet as if /rra/ comes just before /zha/. Actually, it comes just after.

2. There are some more letters to learn that the professor didn't mention. Don't worry, it's only five symbols! Besides, 3 out of the 5 are basically the same as their related consonants with a line upwards. 

Remember how I said the chanthrakkala makes a letter "silent?" Well, there are six exceptions to the rule! (Exactly 6--no more, no less!)

Listen to the real pronunciation of the letters , , , , , and {

So chanthrakkala won't silence them. It just doesn't make them shut up! (That's why I write /N(u)/ instead of /N/ for letters like .) We need some new symbols:

Y /N/ as in Y /thuuN/. Written for pillar (these days people use the English word.)  Listen!

X /n/ " " X /maan/ (deer). Written and col. Listen!

V /r/ or /rr/ " " bVH /svarNNam/ (gold) and V /kaarr/ (car). Former (svarNNam) written and col.; latter (kaarr) col. only. Listen!

W /l/ " " W /muyal/ (rabbit). Written and col. Listen!

Z /L/ " " Z /thEL/ (scorpion). Written and col. Listen!

Wow! Now you know at least 77 symbols in Malayalam! Keep up the good work!

Now, if you wish, you may go to Poetry Section #2 where you will find out about Kathakali, OTTamthuLLi, and Bheema and Hanuman. You will also see another poem of Nambiar's.