Practice Corner #4

Today, we'll have a little exercise as usual to see whether you remember the letters you learned from Lesson 4. If you remember those new letters, it won't be hard, you'll see! 

(Nevertheless, when learning a foreign language, it's important to try and remember everything you learned. You can practice your skills over and over again by going to the Practice Corners and making up your own tests! Do my job for a change!) :)

After that, you'll learn two more letters, and finally, at the very bottom of the page, are the answers to the exercise!

Exercise: Write the letters into Malayalam:

1. /bba/, 2. /vva/, 3. /yya/.

That's it? you ask. Yep. That's it. What an easy test! you're thinking (hopefully!). 

Now to learn the five completely new letters! Learn these two first:

g /dda/ as in /addEham/. This word is a combination of the words /aa/, written & col. for "that," and ٢ /dEham/, written & col. for "body." So, even though it literally means "that body," it actually is supposed to be a polite way of saying "he/she." Yes, we Malayalees are so refined. :) Listen!

/lla/ as in /pall/. Written and col. for "tooth." This letter is used a LOT!!! more than any of those other letters you learned in this lesson! Listen!

I almost forgot that finally we have to learn one letter which looks like a double letter but really isn't at all!

x /ta/ as in x /thetuka/. Written & col. meaning "to be wrong." This letter is also used a lot, so be careful to remember this double-letter exception! Listen!

Wow! Aren't you so happy? You only need to learn...uh...another TWO letters and then, after that, you'll know all of the double letters of the Malayalam alphabet! Why don't we just learn them right now and get them over with!

The thing about THESE double letters is that THEY are written shorthand HORIZONTALLY, whereas the first two examples were written VERTICALLY.

A /kka/ as in A /nOkkuka/. Written & col. meaning "to look." (If you've been looking in the Poetry Sections lately...remember this word???) Listen to the letter and a previous sound file of the word!

B /ngnga/ as in B? /engngine/. This word means "how" and, of course, is written & col. (You'll remember this one, too, if you've been looking at Vegam Vegam Malayalam section...right? Right!) Listen!

And finally, the answers:

1. 2. 3.  

Congratulations! You've learned ALL of the double letters in Malayalam! (Don't you wish there were graduation ceremonies online?)