Practice Corner #9

cBZ (Exercises)

A. Culture Quiz

Answer true or false to the questions below.

1. Kuwait has a huge Malayalee population.

2. Very few Malayalees migrate to the Middle East.

3. You're supposed to accompany the greeting namaskaaram either with a "high five" or a kiss in Kerala.

4. Kottayam is a district in Tamil Nadu, the state to the east of Kerala.

5. Kottayam District's capital city is Kottayam.

6. Many Malayalam movies are sold in the Middle East.

7. namaskaaram is an informal greeting and should be used only with very close friends and relatives.

8. You may bow slightly, or take a deep bow to indicate more respect, when saying namaskaaram in Kerala.

B. A Different Kind of Person vs. Different Kinds of People

Match the singular noun with its plural equivalent. (Note: You're not expected to know OR learn most of the words below!)

1. GX                    a. GV

2. AAX               b. MAV

3. GX (porter)                                            c. GV

4. UAX (boatman)                                         d. XV

5. XX (fisherman)                                           e. AAV

6. LAX (Indian guy)                                 f. JAV

7. JAX (male writer)                            g. UAV

8. MAX (young man)                                h. LAV

C. Word Order

Change the words in the following sentences around to the word order they would have in Malayalam! The first sentence has already been done for you.

1. Malayalees eat beef.

Answer: Malayalees beef eat.

2. I like Kerala.

3. You learned Malayalam.

4. We are playing "56." (FYI: "56" is the name of a card game commonly played in Kerala, very similar to the American Pinochle and French bezique.) 

5. Jyolsna is Malayalee.

6. She orders pizza.

7. He cracks the coconut.

8. They sell fresh fish.

9. The piranha will bite that person.

D. Grammar Quiz  

Answer the following questions correctly.

1. How do you say "yes" in Malayalam?

2. If "I am" in Malayalam translates to X , how do you say "you (plural/formal) are" ?

3. How do you say, "This is my wife" ?

4. How do you say, "I'm from Kottayam" ? (2 answers!)

5. What's the difference between the two answers to the last question?

E. Role Play

Now imagine that you are traveling to Kerala through...oh, let's say, Dubai (the biggest city in the UAE or United Arab Emirates). You're male (for the purposes of this dialogue!) and traveling with a friend named Manu ().

Suddenly, at a counter at the airport in Dubai, you notice a nametag that says "Ravi Nair." Nair is a Malayalee surname, so you decide to start talking in Malayalam while you get your boarding pass (or whatever it is you're trying to do!).

You: Ask if he's Malayalee.

: ! 

You: Greet him, say your name, and say this is your friend, Manu.

: . B{ GX {?

You: Say he is from Kochi (޺). 

: B{ G* { (does he know?) ?

You: Say of course he does, Manu's Malayalee!

: BZ {?

You: Say you're an American and that you're from Boston (xY).

(*You will learn later why GX becomes G before .)


OK, now for the answers!

A. Culture Quiz

1. True

2. False

3. False

4. False

5. True

6. True

7. False

8. True

B. A Different Kind of Person vs. Different Kinds of People

1. c

2. e

3. a

4. g

5. d

6. h

7. f

8. b

C. Word Order

2. I Kerala like.

3. You Malayalam learned.

4. We "56" are playing.

5. Jyolsna Malayalee is.

6. She pizza orders.

7. He the coconut cracks.

8. They fresh fish sell.

9. The piranha that person will bite.

D. Grammar Quiz

1. There IS no one way to say "yes" in Malayalam; it depends on the situation! But usually, it's the main verb from the question.

2. BZ

3. a c.

4. X GJK. and X GJWK

5. "X GJK" is informal, and "X GJWK" is formal.

E. Role Play

1. {?

2. . a (your name here). a GX .

3. ޺K.

4. , {!

5. X AA. xK.