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So who the heck am I?

My name is Vijay John. I was born in the US, but my parents both come from Thiruvalla (in Kerala). I have always been greatly interested in my heritage and culture. I would consider Malayalam my native language, but unfortunately, I was forced to learn English at a very young age and then lost all knowledge of Malayalam. It must have taken me at least eight years of learning to become fluent because of the substantial lack of resources available for learning the language. 

I am currently a freshman at the University of Texas (UT) majoring in linguistics. (I speak thirteen languages "fluently," more or less: English, Malayalam, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Thai, Latin, Hindustani, and Swahili. In other words, I can have a conversation in the above-mentioned languages with a native speaker). I am a researcher currently studying search engine transliteration of Mandarin Chinese.

I am your guide to Malayalam: the language in which India's most popular newspaper (Malayala Manorama) and comic magazine (Bobanum Moliyum) are written, yet also the language that very few teach online! See the INTRODUCTION for more information on Malayalam.  

However, the fact that there are very few websites teaching Malayalam (which is why this site exists!) doesn't necessarily mean that you can't find such a newspaper/comic magazine online! Are you wondering what's going on in Kerala today? Malayala Manorama is at your service online in both English and Malayalam! (The Malayalam part does require a font, I believe. If you cannot read it even after following the instructions under the section labeled "IMPORTANT!!!" on this site, try downloading the Varamozhi font.) I found a better Bobanum Moliyum website with many more comics in Malayalam (but unfortunately none in English!), so go ahead and look at a sample strip from the original "Bobanum Moliyum" in Malayalam (if you can read it, anyway)!

How can I contact you and/or promote your website?

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