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(This page was updated in May 2013)

 2004     The Samyojika Vibhakthi and Its Unique Application in Malayalam Grammar This is a short note about the social case in Malayalam; the original version in Malayalam is here. Please choose User defined font to view the text correctly. There is also a mostly Engish version pdf.
 2005     Aufpicken und s'wimmen: The Nearly Dead Language This is about the Texas German dialect. This paper won first place in the Texas State German Competition. pdf.
 2006     A Method for Enhancing Search Using Transliteration of Mandarin Chinese This is the long version of my first paper on transliteration from March 2006. This version contains programs and details about the implementation. pdf.
 2006     A Method for Enhancing Search Using Transliteration of Mandarin Chinese This is the version of the paper that was presented at the Texas Linguistic Society conference in November 2006. The pdf version is here, or at the TLSX web site
 2006     Slides from TLSX These are the slides used in my talk at the Texas Linguistic Society conference in November 2006 PowerPoint slides pdf
 2007     Improving Mandarin Chinese Searches Through Mechanical Division of Syllables This is an unpublished extension to the earlier papers. This corrects some situations where the earlier version had some problems. pdf
 2007     An Improved Method for Enhancing Search Using Mandarin Transliteration and Syllabic Division This is a revised version of the 2006 paper, published at the CSLI (Stanford) web site. pdf
 2008     Transliteration Mapping in Intercultural Web Search This is yet another unpublished extension to the earlier papers. This version deals with transliteration of both Mandarin Chinese and Hindustani (Hindi/Urdu.) pdf
 2009     Phonetic Decomposition for Speech Recognition of Lesser-Studied Languages This describes a required component for a voice recognition system for Chatino and Vlax Romani. The topic of the paper is about phonetic decomposition using some rules, instead of having an extensive phonetic dictionary. This paper was presented in February 2009 at the ACM International Workshop on Intercultural Collaboration (IWIC-2009) pdf It is also available at the ACM Portal.
 2009     On the Ko´nÚ Origins of Romani: A Study of Romani Words and Numbers of Indic Origin This is a long paper that shows that the cognates of many Romani numbers and synonyms that can be found in a variety of Indian languages. Thus it supports the modern idea that Romani originated as a military ko´nÚ. This paper was submitted to Anthropological Linguistics in June 2009 and is currently under review. pdf
 2009     Speech Recognition for Chatino This long report is my senior thesis at the University of Texas. This describes a Chatino voice recognizer. All the steps are described including Chatino's characteristics, data collection (with the kind help of Hilaria Cruz, a native speaker and colleague), phonetic decomposition and finally a continuous speech recognizer with reasonably good performance. pdf
 2009     Jaivox Open Source Software Jaivox is a collection of open source voice recognizers for world languages. Currently, this consists of recognizers for 22 world languages. The languages chosen are those spoken by large numbers of people, but those that lack significant open source solutions. The site is at Jaivox site.

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I have worked at the Linguistic Research Center at the University of Texas in Austin. I have written the following pages (with Dr. Jonathan Slocum) for the LRC's web site. These articles are about Indo-European languages.

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