oru eLuppamaaya pariiksham #8

! (namaskaaram!) This is a short exercise for those who are still learning the basic alphabet of Malayalam. There is no time limit at all, but please study your vowels and consonants before beginning this test! 

Kindly write down your answers to this quiz so that you can send them to me by e-mail. (If you don't know an answer, just leave it blank, you won't LOSE POINTS or anything for it!) Be sure to use the phonetic system used on this site! Kindly visit the phonetic system page (link is given above) and study your letters before reading any further than...THIS!









Surprise, surprise! Today, I have a different kind of test. I'm going to write down several two- or three-syllable Malayalam words that you should be able to read if you studied all your vowels and consonants! (I'll explain what each word means as well.)

1. - poetic word meaning "Sri Lankan" or "beautiful"

2. - poetic word meaning any of the following: "carried, married, increased, worn, married woman, adulteress"

3. (the sound is pronounced "m," so "I a" would be pronounced "I am")- written & col. for a type of deer (?)

4. - a common name for Indian girls

5. - written & col., having to do with help

6. - poetic word meaning "cold"

7. - poetic word for "ten," from Sanskrit

8. - poetic word that may mean "stream," "spring," or "unending rain"

9. - written & col. for shop/store

10. - written & col. for turtle

11. - poetic (or just written) word translated as "joining, group, array"

12. - written & col. for story

13. - VERY poetic (Sanskrit-adopted) word meaning "your(s)" or "for you"

14. - written & col. for many

15. - written & col. for half

16. {- usually found in the written & col. sense, i.e. with the meaning "bangle, ring, bracelet"

17. - poetic word meaning "blowing, swelling, whistling"

18. - poetic word meaning "true, correct"

19. 段- poetic word for "one"

20. - medicinal

21. - written (& probably col.) adjective referring to moving (or living?)

22. - poetic word translated as "multitude, array, flood of light, splendor, endpoint, continuous line"

23. - medicinal paddy

24. - having to do with a snake's hood


OK, now send in your answers! Hopefully you didn't forget to write them down somewhere!

Until I read your next e-mail:

KW G! Goodbye!