Vegam Vegam Malayalam

Lesson #3

Did you practice all your numbers 0-99? Make sure you know them, because next come 100-1000!

Numbers 100-1000

The word for 100 in Malayalam is:

100. nuurr(u)                                                    Listen!

Now, let's say you want to say ANY number 101-199. How do you go about it? 

Answer: You change nuurru to a stem nuuti(y)- (x-) and add whatever the other number is.

So, in other words:

101-199 =

101. nuutiyonn                                                    xK Listen!

102. nuutiraNT                                               xListen!


I know you must've already practiced really really HARD, but let's do a little bit of review. Do you remember how to say these numbers in Malayalam?:

Twenty, thirty, fourty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety

Notice that all of the above numbers end in a suffix -pathu (irupathu, muppathu...) and each begin with a prefix (irupathu, muppathu, naalpathu...). 

Now, in the case of the hundreds, our prefixes are almost exactly the same as for the tens...and our suffix is -nuurru!

So 200 is:

200. irunuurr(u)                                                  Listen!

And 201-299:

201. irunuutiyonn(u)                                              xK Listen!

202. irunuutiraNT                                              xListen!


However, 300, 400, and 500 are a little irregular (for the mere convenience of pronunciation!):

300. muunnuurr(u)                                                K Listen!

301. muunnuutiyonn...                                           KxK Listen!

400. naanuurr(u)                                                Listen!

500. anjnjuurr(u)                                                E Listen!

600 and 700 are regular again:

600. arrunuurr(u)                                                 Listen!

700. ezhunuurr(u)                                                 Listen!

And, finally, 800 also has a pronunciation irregularity:

800. eNNuurr(u)                                                H Listen!

If you think it's necessary, have fun practicing your numbers again! :)